Coquitlam Chiefs vs. Langley Eagles Oct 5, 2012


Oct 5, 2012,Coquitlam Chiefs vs. Langley Eagles (Chilliwack AAA Bantam Tournament)


COQ#1 G, Tucek, Paul Quick goaltender who kept his team in the game for a while with absolutely no help from his teammates. Possesses a good glove hand, and is quite aggressive with his angling. Came up with big saves at the start of the game, but was not able to hold the fort by the third period. Looked exhausted from facing so many shots. 5 hole got very weak, and looked slow whenever he got down to his knees. Size is also an issue, stands at only 5’8.


LAN#4 D, Cholowski, Dennis Good puck moving defenseman who looked confident with the puck on this day. Was able to make a variety of passes from everywhere on the ice and get the attack going for his team. A good skater, but can be faster and have more powerful strides and turns. Looked good in his d-zone coverage, and was quite physical despite his size. Needs to shoot more as him making a pass all the time will become predictable, and will not be effective at the higher levels.

LAN#11 F, Gingras, Luke Skilled winger who played a very good game in both ends of the ice. Made a couple of big open ice hits. Like how he finishes his hits and uses his bigger size to his advantage. Nice hands in tight and off the rush in speed, was able to make defenders look bad time and time again. Displayed some good hockey sense in the offensive zone and made smart plays time and time again. Would have liked to see him drop his shoulders and drive to the net more with the puck. Could work on his skating. An above average skater, but not quick enough.

LAN #14 F, Malm, James 1999 born forward had an excellent game in both ends of the ice. Very quick on his feet and displayed some nice hands. Only 5’7 tall, but was very strong on his skates. Opponents had a difficult knocking him down, and protected the puck quite well. Competes hard consistently, and takes pucks away from bigger opponents by sheer will. Good overall hockey sense.


SCOUT’S NOTES: Coquitlam just simply did not show up to play at all on this day. Players made mistakes time and time again, and basically gave Langley the game. Really liked Luke Gingras’ game, was quite dominant with his offensive abilities and size. Coquitlam was not able to counter back with anybody. Alec Capstick, 1999 defenseman on Langley also looked good out there. Displayed very good hockey sense, and made up for his lack of size. Dennis Cholowski was good, but a little predictable at times. Just knew he was going to pass whenever he had the puck in the offensive zone blue line. Tried to be a little too fancy with the puck in the defensive zone at times and put his team in a bad situation.




FINAL SCORE: 6-0 Langley Eagles