Scouting Staff

Our NHL Draft, QMJHL Draft and OHL Draft Scouts


Director of Scouting – Mark Edwards


Head Scout, Ryan Yessie- NHL Draft, OHL Draft

Justin Sproule – OHL Draft, NHL Draft

Ron Berman – NHL Draft, OHL Draft

Mike Mackley – OHL Draft, NHL Draft

Zach Fraleigh – OHL Draft


Head Scout, Quebec Region – Jerome Berube – NHL Draft, QMJHL Draft

Felix Perreault – QMJHL Draft

Tim Archambault – QMJHL Draft

Stephan Comeau – QMJHL Draft, NHL Draft

Pier-Olivier Plouffe – QMJHL Draft

Martin De Courcy – QMJHL Draft

Kevin Pare – QMJHL Draft

Atlantic Canada

Al Rankin – QMJHL Draft, NHL Draft

Chad Landry – QMJHL Draft, NHL Draft

Western Canada

Scott McDougall – NHL Draft

Alex Stewart – NHL Draft

Andy Levangie – NHL Draft

Cass Bruni – NHL Draft


Russ Bitely – NHL Draft, OHL Draft

Dusten Braaksma – NHL Draft, OHL Draft


Toni Rajamäki – NHL Draft

Tyler Bilton – NHL Draft

Arvis Petunovs – NHL Draft


Support Staff

Anthony Lenting – Video and Technical Analyst

Kathy Kocur – Staff Photographer