2016 QMJHL Gatorade Excellence Challenge

Mathias Laferriere of the Lac St-Louis Lions (photo credit Kathy Kocur Hockeyprospect.com

The 2016 QMJHL GATORADE EXCELLENCE CHALLENGE gets underway April 28th in Boisbriand, Quebec. As in previous years, HockeyProspect.com scouts will be in attendance for the event. It’s one of the last chances for our scouts to evaluate QMJHL Draft prospects prior to the release of our 2016 QMJHL Draft Guide. Our QMJHL Draft Guide will be released as soon as possible following the Gatorade excellence Challenge. We are hoping it will be somewhere in the range of May 15-20

The province of Quebec will have 2 teams at this event and each Atlantic province will be represented by one team.

Below is the schedule of the tournament,

Thursday April 28, 2016

Game 1 – New Brunswick vs Newfoundland 11:00 am
Game 2 – Nova Scotia vs Prince-Edouard Island 1:30 pm
Game 3 – Quebec White vs New Brunswick 5:30 pm
Game 4 – Quebec Blue vs Newfoundland 8:00 pm

Friday April 29, 2016

Game 1 – Quebec White vs Nova Scotia 11:00 am
Game 2 – Quebec Blue vs New Brunswick 1:30 pm
Game 3 – Newfoundland vs Prince-Edouard Island 5:30 pm
Game 4 – Quebec Blue vs Quebec White 8:00 pm

Saturday April 30, 2016

Game 1 – Nova Scotia vs Newfoundland 11:00 am
Game 2 – Quebec White vs Prince-Edouard Island 1:30 pm
Game 3 – Quebec Blue vs Nova Scotia 5:30 pm
Game 4 – Prince-Edouard Island vs New Brunswick 8:00 pm
Sunday May 1, 2016

Game 1 – 1st place vs 2nd place 10:30 am*
Game 2 – 3rd place vs 4th place 12:45 pm*
Game 3 – 5th place vs 6th place 3:00 pm*

*Subject to change


For more info visit the official website of the 2016 QMJHL Gatorade excellence challenge