2017 OHL Draft: January Top 60 Prospects Ranking

Toronto Marlboros Jack Hughes - Photo credit: Paul Kidd

This year’s OHL Draft is loaded with forward skill at the top of the draft. The Toronto Marlboros Jack Hughes is a creative, gamebreaking forward who can change the game in one shift. Hughes begins January as our #1 ranked prospect for the 2017 OHL Draft.

A trio of top American prospects follow Hughes on our list. The dynamic and highly skilled Alex Turcotte of the Chicago Mission U16 team leads the group. Alex has outstanding skating ability and the talent to score highlight reel goals. Following Turcotte is the big forward Johnny Beecher. While he doesn’t play a power game, Beecher is very cerebral on the attack and can pick apart opposing teams with his hockey sense. He’s shown us both passing and shooting skill. Tag Bertuzzi is the third player in the group. Tag is an offensive leader for the Oakland Jr. Grizzlies U16. He is a tenacious forward who plays with a great mix of skill and drive.

Rounding out our top 5 is the extremely skilled forward, Ryan Suzuki, from the London Jr. Knights. Suzuki has both great puck handling and skating ability.

While this draft is primarily forward heavy at the top, there are some very good defenders scattered through the top 60 and will be coveted in this draft.

Top 60 OHL Draft Prospects Ranking

1HUGHES, Jack C / LTor Marlboro # 86GTHLmn5.08.5*151
2TURCOTTE, Alex C / LChi. Mission 16 # 71HP16U5.11*187
3BEECHER, JohnCSalisburyUSHS Prep6.02170
4BERTUZZI, Tag C / LOakland Jr. Griz 16 # 84T1EH165.11179
5SUZUKI, Ryan C / LLondon # 6AliMin6.00*160
6MCCARTHY, Case RD / RBuff. Jr. Sabres 16 # 77T1EH166.00.75*190
7REES, Jamieson C / LMiss. Reps # 19GTHLmn5.08.75*158
8VUKOJEVIC, Michael LD / LMiss. Rebels # 51GTHLmn6.02185
9MORGAN, Cody C / LTor Jr. Canadiens # 28GTHLmn5.10.75*170
10WARREN, Marshall LD / LNorth Jersey Avs 16 # 77AYHL165.10*151

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