Barrie Colts at Ottawa 67s, November 3, 2017

    Barrie Colts vs Ottawa 67s
    November 3, 2017

    OTT #25 D Stratis, Peter (2018) – Stratis was moving the puck well in this game. He saw some time on the Powerplay and demonstrated good vision and quick decision making to consistently make clean, accurate passes both on the breakout and in the offensive zone. He has a very smooth stride, which makes him effective carrying the puck up through the neutral zone, as he can maintain and adjust his speed quickly. He seems to always know where his teammates are on the ice, consistently making accurate no-look passes, which make them difficult to intercept for the defenders.

    OTT #27 D Robertson, Carter (2018) – Robertson showed a high hockey IQ, strong skating and good offensive upside in this game. He is a strong, agile skater with a smooth stride who can move quickly in the lateral direction. His agility allows him to maintain strong gap control when defending on the rush. He made perfect, crisp passes throughout the game on a consistent basis. For the most part, he exhibited sound and quick decision making, although he held onto the puck too long in the third period at one pint, which led to a poor giveaway in his own zone.

    OTT #88 D Bahl, Kevin (2018) – Bahl played top minutes again in this game for Ottawa and had multiple scoring opportunities throughout the game on the Powerplay, but finished the game without a point and only one shot on net. He saw time on both the penalty kill and Powerplay, and occasionally jumped down low on the powerplay, using his massive frame to act as a screen in front of the net . He was set up with a one-timer at one point in the second period on the Powerplay, but his shot was blocked. In the third period, he had a great opportunity to score on a nice pass but missed the net with his shot. He has a noticably strong slapshot, but could work on getting his wristshot off more quickly, which would make him a more dynamic offensive threat at the OHL level. He moves deceptively well around the ice, but it’s tough to see in his stride. He does a good job of using his long legs to push off, giving him a very long stride but his feet don’t seem to be moving quickly when you watch him skate. He can play physical when needed, but isn’t known for stepping up to make the big open ice hit. At the end of the game, he took a player out in the corner with a hard hit that led to a scrum between Ottawa and Barrie, but was given a game misconduct for a check to the head.

    BAR #71 F Nizhnikov, Kirill (2018) – Nizhnikov possesses a high skillset and was an offensive force for Barrie in this game despite not cracking the scoresheet. In the first period on the Powerplay, he made a hard, accurate cross-ice pass in the offensive zone to his open linemate for a scoring opportunity. He possesses strong puck handling abilities, in the second period making a nice loose puck deke to get around multiple defenders with very little space. He showed an ability to anticipate the play before it evolved, which enabled him to track down loose pucks very quickly. His vision and no-look passing was also on-point, at one point in the third period, he made a perfect, no-look pass across the blueline to his linemate on the rush as Barrie entered the offensive zone.

    BAR #21 F Douglas, Curtis (2018) – Douglas is a big body forward who played top minutes for Barrie tonight. He was effective offensively throughout the game, creating scoring opportunities and picking up the second assist on Barrie’s first goal of the game. He started the game for Barrie and saw quite a bit of time on the Powerplay. He was occasionally matched up against Kevin Bahl in Powerplay situations and exhibited a high compete level to get physical and battle for ice in front of the net with one of the league’s largest defencemen. He moves noticeably well for his size. Although he isn’t the fastest skater once in stride, his acceleration was quick on the rush.