Calgary Hitmen vs Kootenay Ice September 21, 2012

    Spencer Wand (Koo 3) – did not play

    Matthew Thomas (Koo 8) – 2013-eligible
    Steady defender with some poise. Played pretty heavy minutes as a WHL rookie for Kootenay. Was able to put shots on net consistently. Good mobility. Not much offense, but solid defensively tonight.

    [sociallocker]Kyle O’Connor (Koo 9) – 2014-eligible
    Played limited minutes.

    Collin Shirley (Koo 10) – 2014-eligible
    Looks bigger and stronger than last year. Mostly played 3rd line minutes, but had a couple shifts overlapping Kootenay’s top line and didn’t look out of place.

    Jon Martin (Koo 11) – 2013-eligible
    Good along boards. Decent speed. Had some strong shifts, but also took some shifts off. When he’s on his game, he is physical, strong on the walls and uses his speed and strength to create chances. Did his part in his end.

    Luke Philp (Koo 12) – 2014-eligible
    Nice hand-eye co-ordination on deflection. Another young Kootenay player given a lot of responsibility. Often on the PK with either Deschaneau or Reinhart.

    Jaedon Descheneau (Koo 14) – 2013-eligible
    Good speed, strength is much improved. Always keeps his feet moving. Improved boardplay, a threat with the puck and now handling some PK time.

    Sam Reinhart (Koo 23) – 2014-eligible
    Smart player. Controlled the play for Kootenay on the PP. Dominant player at both ends. Quick release on his snapshot, but kept narrowly missing the net. Skating is strong. Improved speed since last season. Strong on his skates. Stepped into passing lanes to create turnovers. Shot often. Cleary Kootenay’s biggest scoring threat and was often shadowed. Had lots of chances in the 1st period, but was a little quite as the game progressed.

    Jakub Prochazka (Koo 25) – 2013 – eligible
    Made good decisions with puck when pressured in his own end. Not used to the physicality of the game and was knocked over quite a bit. Needs to get stronger. Very passive with the puck. Struggled for much of the game.

    Kyle Krabben (Koo 28) – 2013-eligible
    Limited ice time

    Mackenzie Skapski (Koo 29) – Good size and quick reflexes. Rebound control is an issue. Frequently kicks out juicy rebounds in the slot. Aggressive at cutting off angles. Good recovery – needed a bit too often though. Very good post to post. After a poor game last night, Skapski rebounded with a better effort tonight. Gave up 5 goals, but couldn’t be blamed for many.

    Wyatt Hoflin (Koo 30) – 2013-eligible
    backup goalie – did not play

    Josh Thrower (Cal 2) – did not play

    Colby Harmsworth (Cal 6) – 2013-eligible
    Limited ice time.

    Chase Lang (Cal 10) – Sept. 13, 1996 – 2014-eligible
    Limited ice time.

    Pavlo Padakin (Cal 17) –
    Showed good creativity and smarts with the puck. Didn’t play a lot, but the puck was moving in the right direction when he was on the ice.

    Jake Virtanen (Cal 18) – 2014-eligible
    Fought the puck a bit early on before finding his stride. Threw a big hit behind the Kootenay net. Excellent skater and showed good creativity with the puck. Needs to get much stronger. Only playing 4th line minutes.

    Carson Samoridny (Cal 24) – Strong skater, worked hard. Handled tough passes in his feet well. Did not look out of place playing on a veteran line. Strong game.

    Greg Chase (Cal 25) – 2013-eligible
    Had trouble without the puck. Seems a step slow. Was stripped of the puck a couple times when he waited too long to make a play. Struggled in his own zone. Was terrible in the 1st period, but improved as the game wore on. Shadowed Reinhart at times.

    Mack Shields (Cal 31) – 2013-eligible
    Backup goalie – did not play

    Scout Notes: Kootenay came out strong to start the game and took the play to Calgary. Calgary was fortunate to have the lead after the 1st period largely due to the heroics on Chris Driedger. Driedger was exceptional tonight. He looked very composed and confident in the Hitmen net and was practically unbeatable tonight. Always sqaure to the shooter. The only goal he gave up was deflected by his own player off the post and in. Calgary didn’t give up many more chances once they had the lead and scored goals at key times to prevent the Ice from ever seriously getting back in the game. [/sociallocker]