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“Our goal is to help aspiring scouts take their first steps as they begin down their path towards becoming a hockey scout.”

Not too long after launched back in 2004 and especially over the past 7 to 10 years, we began getting asked over and over again if we offered any kind of scouting course or scouts training.  Over the years, our team of scouts have obviously gained a lot of experience while scouting for us, but we didn’t have an actual course to offer to the general public.

Over the past seven summers we’ve spent a few weeks in July chipping away at this scouting course project. It has taken us much longer to complete than we had planned, but we’ve finally launched an online course which will give aspiring scouts the opportunity to get their feet wet in the hockey scouting profession.

Welcome to Scouts U, the home of the Scouts Training Course. Our course is delivered in two parts. Part I is mostly focused on educating students on all facets of scouting a prospects traits. Part II will include advanced goalie scouting and education on some of the processes involved in scouting for the NHL Draft, and much much more.