HockeyProspect.com is now in our 15th season as enter the 2020 NHL Draft year. One of the things we are most proud of, is the number of scouts we’ve helped obtain scouting jobs with teams.  The fact that we have become somewhat of a training ground for prospective scouts has been a huge side benefit of our scouting service we started back in 2004.

Not long after HockeyProspect.com launched back in 2004 and especially over the past 8-10 years, we began getting asked over and over again if we offered any kind of scouts training.  Our team of scouts obviously gained a lot of experience while scouting for us, but we didn’t have an actual course to offer to the general public. Over the past seven summers we’ve spent a few weeks in July chipping away at this project. It took us much longer than we had planned, but we’ve finally completed an online course which will give people the opportunity to get their feet wet in the hockey scouting profession.

We also anticipate that this course will also help facilitate the process of adding talented people to our own team of scouts.

A sampling of what our former scouts are saying…

Kevin Thacker -Scout, Arizona Coyotes (NHL)

“Starting my scouting career at Hockey Prospect was instrumental to my success. I learned how to properly create effective scouting reports, have confidence in my viewings and fine tune exactly what I was looking for. They also put me in positions to succeed, attending both OHL and NHL Scouting events which led to great networking opportunities. For any aspiring scouts I would definitely recommended Hockey Prospect.”

Charles An – Scout, Tri-City Americans (WHL)

“I could not have found a better organization to start my scouting career with than HockeyProspect.com. Mark Edwards is a great leader who knows the game at a deep level, and is more than willing to share everything he knows to help you become a better scout. He will actively listen to your opinions, and ask questions to help engage more deeply about players or rankings. He created a solid team that worked together efficiently, and they all know their stuff. Working for HockeyProspect.com definitely prepared me to scout for a WHL team as it was a seamless transition.”


What will I learn if I take your course ?

We have an outline of Part 1 of our course here.  Overall, Part 2 of our training course includes more practical work and info on the process of scouting. Our goal is to help prospective scouts take their first steps towards getting paid scouting jobs.

I don’t have any junior teams located near where I live, does that matter?

You have options. You can base your scouting on the hockey that you do have available in your area. We recommend that you scout Bantam or Midget AAA players if you don’t have junior hockey close to where you live.

Will I learn what it’s like to be an NHL Scout?

We spend 9 months per year in the rinks with NHL Scouts. We are confident that upon completion of our courses you will have a much better understanding of what an NHL Scout does during an NHL season.

Should I apply to NHL teams to scout for them after I take this course?

NO NO NO!  Slow down. This course is only step one towards getting you started on your scouting path. NHL Scouts will tell you that scouting is a boots to pavement business. You have some work ahead of you. You should be in a position to apply to Junior teams after you complete our courses.

Our course is designed to:

  1. Assist aspiring scouts to take their first steps scouting hockey prospects. We hope that after you successfully complete our course, it will send you down a path that eventually lands you a paid scouting job.
  2. Fine tune the skills of current scouts. Our course can be useful for scouts of all ages and experience levels. We find it’s a good refresher course for scouts of various levels of experience.
  3. Help us find prospective scouts for HockeyProspect.com in order to continue to raise the bar for our team of scouts. Scouts gain experience with us and many have moved on to take jobs with teams.

I don’t know much about hockey, can I still sign up?

In all honesty, it will make landing a paid scouting job very challenging if you have limited hockey knowledge, but you will learn more about the game and the process of scouting hockey prospects. We leave it up to you as far as where you fit into this scenario.

Why is the course split into two parts?

Initially we were going to create one large scouting course. As we went through the process of putting the course together, we realized that it would be better to separate the course into two parts.  This allowed us to cut the cost for students who may not want to take both parts of the course. We scrapped the original course that we began working on way back in 2013 and started fresh.

When does the course start and how long does it take to complete?

You can start our courses anytime (after initial launch). You have 11 months to complete a course but it can they completed much more quickly.

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