Gatineau Olympiques vs Drummondville Voltigeurs October 18th 2013

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    Gatineau Olympiques vs Drummondville Voltigeurs. October 18th 2013 (QMJHL regular season)

    Photo by Kathy Kocur,
    Photo by Kathy Kocur,

    #3 Marc-Olivier Crevier-Morin Def/F (2014) : Crevier-Morin played a sound 1st period in his own zone, made some smart plays and moved the puck smartly. I liked his physicality in the game that he used either with his size or his stick. Had 2 or 3 shifts at forward in the 2nd period as well but went back to defense and stayed there for the rest of the game. Not a flashy performer but did what he was asked to do.

    #8 Alexandre Carrier Def (2015) Carrier is already wearing an A on his jersey which proves how important he is to this squad. Was paired with the big Mikael Beauregard at even-strength and played on the first power play unit for the Olympiques. I like how he battles, even if he can get outmuscled at times, he never quits on a play. I also like his decision making, as he moves the puck smartly up front with quick, short passes. I also like how he joins the rush, and never got into trouble when he did so. On one occasion, he rushed the puck all the way to the side of the net from his own blueline and made a nice feed to a teammate in the slot, who couldn’t finish the play. On the PK, he showed some nice stuff getting in the shooting lane all the time and not being afraid of blocking shots.[sociallocker]

    #13 Alex Dostie C (2015); Speed is the number 1 asset that Dostie brings to the table. Can get to top speed in no time. His acceleration in the neutral zone got the attention of the Drummondville defense very quickly. Still very young and very light on his skates, but things get rough for him versus bigger, older players. Doesn’t have the strength or experience to compete right now versus those bigger players. Scored the Olympiques’ 3rd goal after jumping on a loose puck in the slot and firing a quick shot from the top of the faceoff circle.

    #18 Vaclav Karacabek Rw (2014) Karacabek was good tonight, showed some nice flashes of skills. I like his puck protection and how he can get the puck in the corner while also being able to get out with it and take it to the net. Not a strong skater, needs some work on his acceleration to bring more overall speed to his skill set. A good passer, his passes were tape to tape most of the night. Didn’t see a whole lot of physicality from his game. Scored the game-winning goal by coming out of the corner with the puck and firing a great wrister from the top of the faceoff circle past by the Drummondville goaltender with 7 minutes left to play in the 3rd period.

    #40 Tommy Lapierre Lw (2015): Lapierre played on Gatineau’s 4th line and had a good scoring chance in the 1st period when he got the puck in the slot but took too much time to get his shot though and it was eventually blocked by a Drummondville defenseman. That’s one adjustment that young players coming from midget AAA have to make: to get their shot though quicker. I liked his physical game but he will need to work on his skating to become a more effective player on the forecheck. Can play a pest role, as he can lead the other team to take penalties on him like I saw late in this game.

    #6 Julien Carignan-Labbé Def (2015) Had some iffy moments with the puck in the offensive zone, where he had a good chance to take a shot but started fumbling the puck when he felt the pressure of a Gatineau player getting close to him. Again, I really liked his physical game in tonight’s performance. Doesn’t back down from anyone, and almost got into a fight with Tommy Lapierre after a whistle.

    #11 Joey Ratelle Rw (2014) : Ratelle was solid tonight, and played in all situations of the game. Made a great play on the PK stealing the puck at his own blueline and attempted to beat the other defenseman wide, but couldn’t, due to his sub-par skating ability. Finishes his checks and works hard all over the ice. One negative from his game tonight was that he took too much time to make a decision with the puck. His skating issues can cause him problem on the forecheck, and he can’t time all of his hits properly.

    #19 Cam Askew C/RW (2015) Askew didn’t get much ice time in today’s game. Played on the 3rd or 4th line for the Voltigeurs. Had chance to get involved physically with a big hit in the offensive zone but put the brakes on before hitting the player. He was a little bit too soft along the wall for my liking, and had one good scoring chance in this game but  took too much time to get his shot though and was eventually blocked in front of the net.

    #55 Sergei Boikov Def (2014) A quiet game from the Russian rearguard, who was paired with Frederic Aubé and both had a very quiet first period. Used on the 2nd power play unit with Dexter Weber. Got run over by Mikaël Beauregard in the 2nd period while entering the offensive zone with his head down. Started the 3rd period with a big hit of his own, which I wish I could see more of out of him on a regular basis. Can get caught playing the puck in one on one confrontations, as he was on occasions in today’s game.

    #95 Georgs Golovkovs C (2014) It was not a good showing for the Latvian forward, who did show some good moves in a sequence in the first period which led to a Gatineau penalty, but that was honestly the only good thing Golovkovs did in this game. His play has cooled off since a big hit he received 2 weeks ago from Rimouski’s  Jan Kostalek. He was used on Drummondville 2nd PP unit this time.