Greg Chase – Calgary Hitmen – 2013 NHL Draft

    A skilled forward who brought a consistent game to the Hitmen this year. Chase rose up the depth chart and provided good playmaking skills. He makes very good passes and

    displayed some nice hands this year. He did not look out of place in terms of the speed of the game, and really held his own all year long. He must improve on his shot and look to shoot more to keep opponents guessing. He became predictable as games went on as he almost always looked to pass first.

    The one area of improvement would be his defensive game. Chase is not nearly physical enough along the boards, and must be more defensively aware. He needs to have better positioning and anticipate plays much quicker.

    If Chase can get bigger and be more confident in his game, he will be a big boost for the Hitmen next sea-son. He certainly has the offensive skills to produce for Calgary, but he just needs to put everything together to be successful.