2018 NHL Draft Rankings Top 70, March 6th, 2018

    Photo: USA Hockey

    As the playoffs near, has released our updated ranking of the top prospects for the 2018 NHL Draft, which takes place in Dallas this year. Our previous list was released just prior to the CHL Top Prospects game in Guelph, which also included on ice testing. We’ve seen a lot of hockey since that release and our new rankings have some changes.

    There is no change at the top of our ranking, Rasmus Dahlin continues to lead the way over  Andrei Svechnikov and Filip ZadinaAdam Boqvist and Oliver Wahlstrom each gained a spot   since our ranking in January and Jesperi Kotkaniemi also moved up our list. The biggest move this month is by Nils Lundkvist from Sweden. The mobile defender has been playing very well at home in the SHL and also had a strong week at the recent Five Nations Tournament in Michigan.’s Mark Edwards commented on the new ranking. “It’s been an enjoyable 5 weeks or so since our previous rankings, we’ve seen a ton of high end prospects and some of them had some very strong games for us. We have a few changes to both our top 31 and throughout the 32-70 range as well. Our next list comes with the release of our NHL Draft Black Book and there is a lot of hockey between now and then. I’m looking forward to getting a last look or two at a few players as we enter the playoffs around various leagues.”’s Top 70 Prospects for the 2018 NHL Draft

    1DAHLIN, RASMUSFROLUNDASWEDEN13-Apr-20006' 2.0"181 lbs *DL
    2SVECHNIKOV, ANDREIBARRIEOHL26-Mar-20006' 2.0"186 lbs *RWL
    3ZADINA, FILIPHALIFAXQMJHL27-Nov-19996' 0.0"196 lbs *RWL
    4BOQVIST, ADAMBRYNAS JR.SWEDEN-JR.15-Aug-20005' 10.75"168 lbs *DR
    6WAHLSTROM, OLIVERUSA U-18NTDP13-Jun-20006' 0.75"205 lbs *RWR
    7HUGHES, QUINTINMICHIGANBIG1014-Oct-19995' 9.5"170 lbs *DL
    8FARABEE, JOELUSA U-18NTDP25-Feb-20005' 11.5"164 lbs *LWL
    9DOBSON, NOAHACADIE-BATHURSTQMJHL07-Jan-20006' 2.75"180 lbs *DR
    10KOTKANIEMI, JESPERIASSATFINLAND06-Jul-20006' 1.5"188 lbs *CL
    11DENISENKO, GRIGORIYAROSLAVL 2RUSSIA-JR.24-Jun-20005' 11.0"176 lbsLWR
    12KUPARI, RASMUSKARPATFINLAND15-Mar-20006' 1.25"183 lbs *CR
    13WILDE, BODEUSA U-18NTDP24-Jan-20006' 2.25"195 lbs *DR
    14SMITH, TYSPOKANEWHL24-Mar-20005' 10.25"176 lbs *DL
    15BOUCHARD, EVANLONDONOHL20-Oct-19996' 1.75"193 lbs *DR
    16MILLER, K'ANDREUSA U-18NTDP21-Jan-20006' 2.75"206 lbs *DL
    17SAMUELSSON, MATTIASUSA U-18NTDP14-Mar-20006' 3.5"217 lbs *DL
    18KAUT, MARTINPARDUBICECZREP02-Oct-19996' 1.5"176 lbsRWR
    19LUNDKVIST, NILSLULEASHL27-Jul-20005' 11.0"180 lbsDR
    20LUNDESTROM, ISACLULEASWEDEN06-Nov-19996' 0.0"185 lbsCL
    21BOKK, DOMINIKVAXJO JR.SWEDEN-JR.03-Feb-20006' 1.0"180 lbsLWR
    22MCISAAC, JAREDHALIFAXQMJHL27-Mar-20006' 1.0"195 lbs *DL
    23VELENO, JOSEPHDRUMMONDVILLEQMJHL13-Jan-20006' 1.0"195 lbs *CL
    25ALEXEYEV, ALEXANDERRED DEERWHL15-Nov-19996' 3.0"200 lbs *DL
    26SANDIN, RASMUSSAULT STE. MARIEOHL07-Mar-20005' 10.75"183 lbs *DL
    27HAYTON, BARRETTSAULT STE. MARIEOHL09-Jun-20006' 0.75"191 lbs *CL
    28NOEL, SERRONOSHAWAOHL08-Aug-20006' 4.75"200 lbs *RWR
    29TYCHONICK, JONATHONPENTICTONBCHL03-Mar-20005' 11.5"173 lbs *DL
    30WOO, JETTMOOSE JAWWHL27-Jul-20005' 11.75"205 lbs *DR
    31O'BRIEN, JAYTHAYER ACADEMYHIGH-MA04-Nov-19995' 10.5"185 lbs *CR
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