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Triolet Harfangs at De Mortagne Noir & Or, Bantam AAA, December 4th, 2016

TRI #8 F Beaudoin, Charles (2020) : The Harfangs totally dominated this game and it was mostly because of Beaudoin. There was simply no way to take […]

Bishops College School U16 vs Blyth Academy Central U16, Nov 18, 2016 PSHF Montreal...

BISHOP #17 D Nause, Ryan (2019): Ryan is a very quick and mobile defender who relies on his speed to make most of his plays. Defensively, he […]

Laval Patriotes vs Collège Français Rive-Sud, Nov 12, 2016 (Sherbrooke International Bantam AAA tournament)

LAV #34 D Kakouras, Nicolas (2021) : The Patriotes’ captain’s main weapon is his skating. He has great agility, lateral movement and acceleration. He can make plays […]

Cascades Elites vs Vityaz Podolsk, Nov 12, 2016 (Sherbrooke International Bantam AAA tournament)

CAS #78 F Roy, Tristan (2021): Tristan impressed with great skating, puck-handling and understanding of the game. He is a very big player and he uses his […]

Pointe-Levy Corsaires vs Laval Patriotes, Nov 13, 2016 (Sherbrooke International Bantam AAA Tournament)

PL #63 F Veillette, William (2020) : Veillette was probably the best player in this game. His skating is top-notch and he plays in all situations. He […]

Northern Blackhawks Vs Dieppe Flyers, October 22nd 2016 (Bantam AAA)

DF # 15 D Cormier, Lukas (2020): Had a great game. He was one of the best skater’s on the ice for both teams. He moves side […]

Gaulois Antoine Girouard at Collège Français Rive-Sud, Oct 13, 2016 (Bantam AAA)

GAG #19 F Caron, Alexandre (2020): Caron had some great chances during this game. I feel as though he was the best forward on the Gaulois’ side. […]

Intrépides Outaouais at Lac St-Louis Lions North, Oct 15, 2016 (Bantam AAA)

OUT #48 F Dagenais , William (2020): Dagenais looks like a goal scorer out there. He is a solid skater who has great hands and a hard, […]

Bantam Valley Wildcats at Cole Harbour Storm Sunday Oct 2, 2016

VAL #17 LD Whynot, Cameron (2021) – Showed why he was advanced with great skating and skills and maturity on the ice. Rushed the puck with ease […]