Zubr Prerov at Slavia Trebic, (WSM), Jan 29, 2018

    Final Score: 3-2 Trebic


    PRE # 29 LW Plasek, Karel (2018)
    Plasek had a good game and his speed made changes to the game. He looked very confident and comfortable.
    Attacked the puck holder quick with very Quick first strides, Good balance and mobility. Plasek had good puck protection and adjusted his body to cover the puck. Plasek gives very good and quick passes. His backhands pass where also very quick and created scoring chances. Plasek constantly went to the net for goalie screenings, rebounds and reacted quickly on loose pucks. The quick strides together with good reading was used by Plasek several times to see openings and start a couple of transitions plays. Plasek is very mobile and moved around difficult to read where he will end up. While in Power play he scored with a not to hard but very accurate slap shot in the 5th hole. In the same shift he was active in the game on offensive right side, left side and then searched himself in to the slot. Plasek was competitive and wins battles or pucks by the board. Very good work ethic. 20.31 TOI, 1 SOG, 1G.


    TRE # 93 LW Gajarsky, Adam ( 2018)
    Gajarsky had a better game than the points show, and looked more confident in WSM league then in J20 and J18. Gajarsky used more speed in second and third period. Gajarsky showed good anticipation, read and reacted on the play and won back pucks after lost Face offs. He positioned himself on good spots after used good acceleration, good mobility and being very active. He was responsible and returned good to defensive zone. He blocked some shots and threw himself in front of shots. I think he could move his stick more during especially power play, now he rather tries to reach the puck mover with quick strides. He was used in box play. Gajarsky was competitive and battled for loose pucks, won puck with 2 players on him. After a face off with 3 seconds left of the period Gajarsky attacked the loose puck and got it on first pillar.
    Due to the level of the league Gajarsky is sometimes a bit too quick and almost had to wait at blue during turnovers.
    The attitude to hit is good both by board and on open ice although some room for improvement and bigger body frame. Good work ethic. 18.00 TOI, 2 SOG.

    TRE # 64 CE Suss, Jan (2018)
    Did what he could and should, not to visualized and was playing the 4th line. Had a couple of very nice rushes on the right side with good speed. Suss was reaching loose pucks and with a long stick and strong hands he was noted when he tipped a backhand pass in front of net for redirection and scoring chances. He was behind the 2-2 goal, by checking with the stick in own zone and with and decent reading and skating he created a turnover where he got an assist. Competitive during the time he got on ice. Decent face offs. 12,41 TOI, 1A.